Artificial Intelligence Disruption - Michel Bénard (GOOGLE)

The objective of the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is to Understand how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence work, and its current applications and limitations. The presentation will include several examples from the industry, as well as business perspectives.

Michel Bénard has held business, management and technical positions at IBM, HP and Google as well as in academia.

Internal Disruption - Damien Basalo (THEODO)

The banking economy is currently being deeply transformed and needs a digital disruption to fight bureaucracy and cope with their new online competitors. Through 4 concrete examples of projects held by Theodo in the Fast IT department of Société Générale, Damien highlights the way startups like Theodo help international groups like Société Générale gain productivity and release their digital projects in less than 2 months versus 18 previously.

Damien Basalo studied mostly sales, entrepreneurship and digital economy at ESSEC, and graduated in 2014. After launching his startup Bibine, he joined Theodo early 2016 as a business developer and is now Key Account Manager.

Social Media Disruption - Nicolas Spie (SPRINKLR)

Over the past few years, the rise of social media has connected and empowered customers like never before. 
For big businesses, the change has been radical. Though social media has been a risk for many of them, it has also proven a great opportunity for those that understand the value they can derive from listening, engaging, and delighting customers.
Analyzing some case studies, we will understand how companies leverage social media to strongly impact their P&L, by means of, for instance, identifying qualified leads, developing an influencers' strategy, or providing a seamless customer experience throughout their journeys
Nicolas is Director of Sprinklr’s Digital Business Solutions Group (DBSG) Department in the Europe region. He acts as strategic advisor to Sprinklr’s main prospects and clients when it comes to translating their objectives into initiatives and use cases that can be developed with the Sprinklr platform. 

Using lean & Agile Methodology to disrupt ESSEC / EDUCATION- SAEGUS
How to crack the code of digital disruption ? How to make sure you're designing the right solutions at the right time, for the right people ? You can start with the actual experience, spotting pain points and opportunities to find solutions. This is why the Saegus team introducec ESSEC students to Foreseeds, their crowd-thinking platform. Students were invited to go through a gamified Design Thinking process to find solutions to disrupt ESSEC students experience. 

Marouchka Hebben (SAEGUS)

As a Saegus consultant, Marouchka helps big companies in their digital transformation through a user-centric Design Thinking approach. Among her projects, she has been working on reshaping the experience and interface of a CRM for a call center and a mobile application preventing voice disorders.

Stéphane Marcovitch-Bruneau (SAEGUS)

As a manager at Saegus, Stéphane is in charge of helping companies leverage Big Data analytics to transition to data-driven decision-making. He is the co-founder and product manager of Foreseeds, 
a crowd-thinking platform. It leverages collective intelligence to design new value propositions for your customers, collaborators, and all your ecosystem. 

Disrupting Sectors with High Barriers to Entry / LUXURY - Romain Lartigue (AKQA)

As the frontier between luxury and lifestyle is no longer obvious, as consumer behaviors are shifting, the purpose of the presentation is to understand the nuances between luxury companies and business models and how they decide to embrace digital revolution, and what might be the future opportunities and challenges they will face.

Romain has been Managing Director of AKQA Paris since 2012, our mission is to create the future with our clients.

During his career, he has worked with multiple luxury brands and groups helping them with their digital transformation. Previously Managing Partner of OgilvyOne. He started his career as a digital entrepreneur in the action sports industry.

Disrupting Traditional Industries / RETAIL - Anne Laure Klein (CARREFOUR)

Anne Laure will be discussing the challenges faced by traditional retailers in their digital transformation, more specifically in online grocery, where the battle is intensifying.

Anne Laure Klein is a graduate of ESSEC Business School and holds an MBA from INSEAD. She began her career in strategy consulting with L.E.K. Consulting where she spent 8 years. She  joined Carrefour in 2012 as a Strategic Projects Director and became Group Strategy Director in 2015.