Alexis de La Tour du Pin | Executive Director

Alexis de La Tour du Pin has been teaching Digital Marketing Strategy at Essec Business School since 2013. An Essec alum from the 2006 class, he led a career at Google for 11 years, where he developed a varied suite of marketing skills: from building a marketing team to pilot Google's CSR approach in France, to launching cross-media consumer campaigns for YouTube, striking innovative partnership marketing programs or setting up best-in-class marketing research studies for numerous Google clients. Also a startup advisor, he is specializing in the field of environmental transition, and in particular sustainable digital. In 2019 he created an ESSEC course entitled Digital Humanism, to re-adjust the place we give to digital in our societies.

Magali Floren | Chair Assistant

Under the responsibility of the chairperson and the Dean's department, she assists the chairperson in the administrative and operational organization of the educational and event activities (students recruitment, seminar, conferences, graduation ceremony...) of the Chair. She connects students, professors, ESSEC staff and different partners of the chair.