To complete the Chair, you need do the following:
  • Complete the Chair Seminar
  • Take the 4 mandatory courses
  • Take two electives from a choice of 13 from the Essec course catalogue
  • Complete the group research project
  • Validate a relevant internship

 Nb coursesEquivalence UV or UVEP
 Chair seminar 1 2 UV
 Nb of mandatory course(s) 3 3 UV
 Nb of elective course(s) 2 2 UV
 Total nb credits
7 UV

Chair Seminar 
The Chair seminar IDSI31433 for 2018/19 will be held on Wednesday afternoons in T2, students should attend the seminar for all the afternoon from 1:15PM to 7:30PM.  
Speakers in the 2017/2018 seminar included Carrefour, Airbnb, Hello Bank, Google, SPRINKLR, Theodo & AKQA.

Required Courses
Three courses are required to complete the Chair.  They are:
  • IDSI31341 e-Business Strategy & Operations (offered in T2)
  • IDSI31343 Digital Transformation (offered in a blocked week between T2 and T3)
  • MKGS 31203/4 Digital Marketing Strategy
Students who haven't taken the required course MKGS 31203 Digital Marketing Strategy  before the Chair seminar in T2 are strongly encouraged to take it during T2 on Wednesdays (in the morning of Chair seminar).

Note that members of the chair will be guaranteed a seat in these courses for a discounted amount of bidding points.

Elective Courses
The following list of courses have been validated as electives for the Chaire. You need to take a minimum of 2. Note that you can validate these courses at any time during your studies - before, during and after you complete the other Chair requirements.
  • MGTE 31404 / 5 e-Business Entrepreneurship /  e-Business Entrepreneurship
  • IDSI 31235 e-Business in Asia
  • IDSI 31377 Business Intelligence
  • IDSI 31208 Pilotage de projets digitaux
  • IDSI 31206 Applied Cybersecurity Strategy for Managers
  • IDSI 31338 / 9  Website Creation / Creation de sites Web
  • CPTG 31223 Managing Plans and Projects
  • MGTE 31363 New venture design and planning
  • MKGS 31223 B2B Digital Marketing Management
  • MGTM 31357 Innovation Management
  • MOPP 31100 / 1 Supply Chain Management
  • MOPO 31213 Supply Chain Analytics & Tools
  • MOPP 31105 Operations Management 
Research Project
Following on from the Chair Seminar, you need to complete a group research project.  The subject will be provided to you by the Chair.
In 2018-2019, group research subjects were the following: 
  • BNP - "future of online banking": HelloBank is BNP's 100% digital bank, geared towards millennials. How could BNP improve its business model and marketing for the years to come?
  • BNP - "inclusive banking": digital is a force for social inclusion (minorities of all sorts, starting with financially excluded people). What products and offering could BNP imagine to be more inclusive? What would be the business model behind?
  • Google - The Google Assistant, Google's consumer A.I., is present within Google Home devices and more and more Android phones: how to create new habits and drive daily usage? 
  • Google - Digital safety: security, privacy, child safety, harmful and hateful content online, fake news, screen dependency... what role and what expectations for digital players and for Google when it comes to the safety of Internet users?
  • Pinterest - "regional partnership strategy": Pinterest needs content from publishers to grow (tourism, home & decoration, DIY, food...). What strategy could they set up in French key regions to attract, prioritize and grow an ecosystem of content partners?

Lastly you need to validate an internship of between 3 and 6 months in an approved, digitally-orientated, position. This can be completed at any time during your studies before, during and after you complete the other Chair requirements. To validate an experience, please send the description of your internship to Alexis de La Tour du Pin ( along with an email explaining why it is relevant to complete this requirement.