New business strategies and paradigms in the digital platform era

About the Digital Disruption Chair

Digital technologies and strategies have disrupted industries and companies for over two decades. And it keeps accelerating: digital technologies continuously enable new business models and paradigms to emerge: think blockchain, AI, crypto, NFT, Web3, digital platforms, super-apps, or even digital sustainability. 

While the job market demands more and more experts (in data, coding…), there is also a growing need for managers with a versatile set of digital skills, who understand and speak all digital “languages” to develop a strategic market and product view.

The ESSEC Digital Disruption Chair prepares students to become all-around digital managers, fit to work in and lead digital projects and teams within traditional organizations, pure tech players, digital transformation consultancies, startups, scale-ups, or VC funds. 

The chair focuses on digital strategy, transformation, and business models. Strategy is also studied through marketing, operations, finance, ethics, sustainability, and geopolitics.