Our Partners

BNP Paribas is the largest bank in Europe, yet it’s more than just a bank. For some time now, they’ve been massively diversifying their business, becoming a leader in real estate investment, the European leader for car leasing, one of the leading cinema industry investors, etc. As their CEO has it: BNPP are interested in any promising business model they can preempt or in accompanying existing clients (large corporations, large investors) in order to create more “client intimacy”.

In order to achieve this, they have doubled down in recruiting digital talents: they see digital as a means to succeed in their mission. The digital roles at BNP Paribas range e.g. from private equity experts for fintech and blockchain, to reinventing retail banking online, from applying digital to sustainability across the company to inventing new business models for insurance.

The investment landscape is changing, with heightened expectations + higher risk than ever before. Investment relationships are changing as well. Target companies want more from their investors in enabling growth + removing friction. This shift is happening globally, generationally + technologically.

Companies need specialists around them whom they can trust to help them make that transition, so that they can focus on their evolving investment strategies + portfolio relationships.

D'Ornano+Co is a pioneer in combining financial + legal Transaction Services in one firm, and understanding the growth and profitability drivers of new tech business models. They bring a new cord to the Digital Disruption Chair: a financial and legal perspective on how tech startups and scaleups disrupt our economy, vertical by vertical.