Program for 2022-2023

Note that the program below applies to both MiM (Grande École) and MMD students. The Chair curriculum was built to focus its teachings and activities primarily during T2 (Jan 2th 2023 to April 2nd 2023), but it is your responsibility to verify that the Chair's mandatory requirements are compatible with your agenda and obligations (apprenticeship, MMD specific trips, etc). 

This year, there might be a possibility to continue to work on the group research project in T3, but will not be mandatory (will be discussed case-by-case).

Chair Completion Requirements 

From 2022-23, the Chair can be validated in one term (at the end of T2). 

For multiple reasons, it is highly advised that you achieve all academic requirements in the same year: to create a Chair spirit and camaraderie and because of logistical reasons for the research mission. 

In any case, note that to be certified by the Chair, you must achieve all the official requirements listed for the year you were enrolled in. You cannot pick requirements from other years.

For previous classes, check the requirements from your year at the bottom of this page.

UV Synthesis

Mandatory Courses - Chair Seminars in T2

The 1st Chair seminar "Digital Disruption" IDSI31433 for 2022/2023 will be held on the first intensive week in T2; students should attend the seminar from the 2nd to the 6th of January 2023. The course is scheduled to happen on the campus of La Defense.

The seminar will be structured in three parts: 

Typically, "digital" topics discussed will range from current trends such as blockchain, Web3, Crypto, NFT, AI, and sustainable digital. 

The 2nd chair seminar, IDSI31435 , "Growth & profitability drivers for new tech business models" will be held on Wednesday evenings (4:30-7:30) in T2.

From marketplaces to agritech, from healtech to fintech, new business models have been disrupting each and every tech vertical. However, understanding the financial and regulatory drivers and risks of these new models is a whole new game.

The purpose of the seminar is to:

This 2nd seminar will be taught by Raphaëlle D'Ornano, founding partner of D'Ornano+Co, partner of the Chair.

The seminars are mandatory: if you are not available during the first week of January or on Wednesday evenings of T2, we recommend you apply to the Chair the following year.

Research Mission in T2

Following the Chair Seminar, you need to complete a tutored, group research project in T2. The subject will be provided to you by the Chair. 

The workload is about 1 full day of work per week over one term, so 80 to 100h total per student. It will be your responsibility to agree on meeting times with your group peers and tutors. It is mandatory to be certified by the Chair, and it validates 1 research UV, eventually 2 (if continued in T3).

Examples of subjects from the last years:

To go further... 

We highly recommend the following elective courses in the Grande Ecole/ Master in Management catalog:

Other courses related to the chair topics:

Former classes: check back your requirements

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